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How I create content in bulk - Sharing the process behind children's book illustrations

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Here is a way I create content from my work for a book project, without the hassle of daily drawings and creations. During a project, I don't share any of the work or drawings. This is really to keep the illustrations secret until the book is revealed. I respect the decision, and also appreciate the lack of publicity during a project, but fact is that it makes it all a bit quiet around your social media feed.

There is a certain pressure for artist to share content, and without judging this fact, if you feel like you want to output more, you might want to find a smart way of having more content but not more work than you can commit to. You want to avoid burning out and leaving that creative energy for your job that you are payed for.

I tried it with documenting my process for a book project and posting after the work is done. I usually have a tone to share and show, and when the project is complete, it's the perfect time to look back and analyse and feedback your own creation. I have to admit, I always get a bit of an academic fever, when compiling knowledge and experience for a paper... erm I mean a blog post. Not that I hold any particular skill in writing, it just feels nice to write about how I have done things.

Work in process - Africa Day

I try to keep track of the steps I take from sketch to final artwork and after the book is delivered I go through them again and figure out what was most intersting or important for this book. I can then create a new series about how I illustrated that book. Hopefully, I have made some photos, or can reconstruct the thought processes I had during the sketches phase. I use doodles, sketches, notes, test paintings, and work in process pictures to build content for instagram posts.

Staging and thumbnails - Africa Day

Usually, 6-8 of instagram pictures come out of this documentation and this makes up one series. I also write some text for each post and have everything ready, before I start to post them weekly.

The economic part about this method of posting is that preparation is done in about two work days ( I need longest for writing...) but I have interesting content for a few weeks. This gives me a lot of free time and removes posting-pressure. I get quite a good response from the people following me too, and even the Publisher I work with was so kind to make a blog post for me on their webpage.

The pictures in this blog post are from "Africa Day", a book I did last year and I had 8 episodes plus 2 extra episodes. I also have just finished a new book "The boy who lost his fun", and started posting the new series showing the process behind the book. Check out the tag #jetzyeyillustratesbooks and #howiillustratebooks on Instagram or follow me directily to get all the updates herer (link opens a new window).



P.s. Thank you for sticking with my writing until this last line! I wish you an amazing day <3

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How I create content in bulk

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