The Boy who Lost his fun

This was not a typical book by any means. It is about emotions and showing that being sad is also ok. I explored the different ways to illustrate gloom and sadness by not relying only on the face expressions. This was a challenge and thought me a lot about how to create atmosphere.

written by Stephen Lynch

Africa Day

I took a lot of care in preparing for this book in order to make it as authentic as possible. I even design Ankara pattern and used them in many spreads.

written by Chi Mary Khalu

Just the Two of Us

The characters were designed in the likeliness of the author and her son, as the book bases on her personal story. 

written by Cathie Sarah

Mummy's Tummy Smile

As the story is about C-cection, one of my jobs was to make sure the tummy smile is clear for the kids, but without showing mum's bare belly in all the pictures. I decided to give her an apron with a cute heart and a smile :-) 

written by Megan Bowen

Please Don't Cry

The brief asked to represent as many diverse family forms as possible. All other design choices, like the landscape or style, were up to my artistic inspiration.

written by Natalie Mooney


The was my first project. The story is about a boy that wouldn't dream, so he setts of on an adventure to find the key to his phantasy.

The story has some fantasic places and I had complete artistic freedom to elaborate these places and bring them to life

written by Tom Story

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